Laboratory Services and Special technical
assistance are available to our customers for the
formulation of any special composition or color
which might be required.
The most inexpensive inks made at Jensen's
receives the same care in formulation and
manufacture as the most expensive. Begining
with the examination and testing of raw
materials and extending throughout the
manufacturing procedure.
Each batch of ink manufactured by Jensen's is
examined for color and tested for the significant
chemical and physical properties. Samples of
each ink are constructed into finished pens or
tested with components known to be the same
or similar to those used by the customer.
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We are happy to serve you with any Common or Specialty Inks needed !
Jensen's Inc. has formulated hundreds of inks for writing and printing instruments based
on more than 45 years of laboratory research and factory compounded experience.
opaque projector ink
poster ink
poster coloring ink
premium ink
premium ball pen ink
premium maker ink
permanent ink
permanent marker ink
printing ink
printer ink
pigment ink
pigmented ink
panton ink
roller ball ink
rolling ball ink
recording ink
recording instrument ink
rubber stamping ink
surgical ink
surgical stamping ink
surgical drawing ink
surgical skin marker ink
skin marker ink
skin drawing ink
shade printing ink
shade stamping ink
stamping ink
stamp pad ink
stamp ink
scented ink
scented ball pen ink
scented ball point ink
scented writing ink
screen printing ink
secret ink
solvent ink
solvent base ink
solvent resistant ink
special ink
specialty ink
special application ink
technical ink
typewriter ink
typewriter ribbon ink
textile ink
textile labeling ink
textile stamping ink
textile printing ink
textile marking ink
textile shade printing ink
ultra violet ink
UV ink
UV sensitive ink
ultra violet sensitive ink
ultra fine ink
water soluble ink
writing ink
water base ink
water resistant ink
web ink
web printing ink
web strapping ink
web strapping print ink
washable marker ink
washable ink
washable drawing ink
washable stamping ink
washable labeling ink
washable printing ink
washable shade printing ink
washable textile ink
washable textile printing ink
washable denim ink
washable jeans ink
washable jean marking ink
washable jean stamping ink
washable denim stamping
washable denim marking
washable denim printing ink
writing ink
writing instrument ink
waterproof ink
visual aid ink
Acid base ink
ball pen ink
ball point ink
carbon conductive ink
conductive ink
capillary ink
capillary feed ink
computer ink
custom ink
clothing ink
clothes ink
clothing ink
clothing shade printing ink
color change ink
color changing ink
color printing ink
drawing ink
denim ink
denim washable ink
denim printing ink
denim stamping ink
denim marking ink
denim shade printing ink
dry wipe ink
dry erase ink
digital ink
electrical ink
electrical conductive ink
economy ink
economy ball pen ink
erasable ink
electronic ink
flexo graphic ink
fountain pen ink
fluorescent ink
fluorescent marker ink
food dating ink
food stamping ink
food products stamping ink
fabric ink
fabric stamping ink
fabric marking ink
fabric printing ink
fabric production ink
fabric shade printing ink
gravre ink
gel roller ink
gel ink
graphics ink
graph ink
hi liter ink
highlighter ink
heat transfer ink
heat transferring ink
ink jet ink
ink pen ink
invisible ink
infrared ink
jeans printing ink
jeans marking ink
jeans stamping ink
jeans labeling ink
jeans shade printing ink
jet ink
jet printing ink
jet printing ink
label ink
labeling ink
line liter ink
litho ink
litho graphic ink
marking ink
marker ink
magnetic ink
non toxic ink
non hazardous ink
opaque ink
opaquer ink